"Decentralizing Culture: regaining environmental robustness in human social structures"

Danbee Kim and Joana Neto<

Description: Once upon a time, a little less than one hundred years in the future, education is still in crisis, cities are overcrowded, and rural communities are dying. But we've made it to Mars, and the allure of technology and materialism continues to fuel steep social stratification. Natural spaces on the planet are dwindling into those few areas which are explicitly protected by government or corporate interests, which are turning less and less towards preserving the Earth's biological heritage and more towards winning the race to control and exploit the Earth's resources. In these last decades of the 21st century, the economic ratrace births a rather unusual school called the International Space Station (ISS) Corps, where teen-aged youth cadets live, study, and work at maintenance and launch stations for ISS space shuttles. While learning how to design, build, and maintain space shuttles, youth cadets also conduct field neuroscience experiments as part of collaborative, self-directed research teams. The horrors of our current society and the joys of our personal knowledge-building experiences are reflected in this story, which we use to help us see reality in new ways. We want to discuss the practicalities of two pressing needs in our society: 1) re-learning how to build trust, and 2) regaining our evolutionary ability to distribute ourselves across various environments, as we find ourselves mal-adapted to survive without our infrastructures of convenience within increasingly over-crowded cities. We propose to tackle both objectives with better teaching, and would like to start the discussion with the following questions: How do we build trust? Have money or machines helped us build trust? How do we live outside cities? How do we raise and educate children outside of cities? How do we enrich the lives of adults outside of cities? What are the practical strategies to achieve the dreams we discuss?

Track: Arts et Sciences Ouvertes
Language: Anglais