"Hack_Curio: a collection of video curiosities to help you understand hacking"

Gabriella Coleman (McGill University)

Hack_Curio: What hacking is and what it isn’t, explained in videos.

Hack_Curio: Hilarious and Serious videos to help you Understand Hacking

Hack_Curio: Hacking, explained. With moving pictures.

Hack_Curio: TIL WTF Hacking is. And it is hilarious.

Hack_Curio: Understand hacking by exploring our folder with videos!

Hack_Curio: Everything you wanted to know about Hacking but were afraid to click on.

Hack_Curio: Anger, Mercy, Revenge... and Hacking. In video form.

Hack_Curio: On the Subject of Hacking and How it became Important, Expounded and Defended with the help of Illustrious Academics Composing in a form most Accessible and Enjoyable to Click Upon.

Hack_Curio: Have you been Hacked? Probably.

Hack_Curio: A Theory of Hacking, expressed in short Videos.

Hack_Curio: Emacs vs. Vi: The Final Armageddon.

Hacking & hackers can be hard to visualize. In the popular imagination, the figure alternates between a menacing, hooded figure or some sort of drugged out, depressed juvenile hero. To counter such images, a group of us have spearheaded a new digitally-based video project, Hack_Curio that features hacker-related videos, culled from a range of sources, documentary film, newscasts, hacker conference talks, advertising, and popular film. In this talk, I will briefly discuss the purpose and parameters of Hack_Curio and spend most of the talk featuring our funniest, most obscure videos around hacking using them to reflect on some of the cultural and political features of hacking, past and present.

Track: Culture et Politique
Language: Anglais