"Makers: a study of the laboratories of social change"

Isabelle Berrebi-Hoffmann, Marie-Christine Bureau, Michel Lallement (Lise, CNAM-CNRS) with Monique Dagnaud (EHESS)

Description: Animated by a common desire to hack, to divert, to recover, to invent, their promoters, the makers, are at the origin of a cultural movement of social transformation by their practices, producing in other ways and learning. By experimenting with unprecedented forms of self-manufacturing, inspired by the principle of free access to tools and knowledge, they aspire to transform their environment, their daily life, and even the whole society. This book, resulting from a long-term investigation, opens the doors of about thirty hackerspaces, fab labs, hacklabs and other third-places in France and abroad (Germany, United States, Senegal) in order to understand what the makers do concretely and the impact of their action on labor, economy, ecology, law, art or sociability. This study addresses enchanted perspectives on the emancipation of productive activities as well as pessimistic predictions about the end of work. By analyzing common values and tensions that structure the world of "DIY", this movement fulfils its promises to "break with capitalism" and the dominant industrial order by questionning them. What conditions are required for these new models of work and cooperation to create a sustainable alternative for tomorrow’s society?

Discussant: Monique Dagnaud (EHESS)

Track: Arts et Sciences Ouvertes
Language: Français