"The painstaking history of algorithmics: From the Computing Factory by Gaspard de Prony to the Mechanical Turk of Amazon"

RYBN with Marie Lechner

Description: RYBN.ORG proposes an intervention retracing the laborious history of algorithmics: from the factory to calculate from Gaspard de Prony to the Mechanical Turk of Amazon. In this counter-history of automation, which recalls the emergence of current cybernetic working conditions, the multiple narratives of the little hands at the heart of the process of calculation, too often forgotten by the glorious history of progress.

RYBN.ORG is an artistic, experimental and independent research platform created in 1999 and based in Paris. The collective follows an "extra-disciplinary" survey methodology on the functioning of complex and esoteric systems - high-frequency trading algorithms, offshore economy architecture, financial market structure, kabbalah hermeneutics, network protocols, viruses computer. On the basis of these investigations, RYBN.ORG produces plastic objects that evolve beyond the only artistic field, from intrusion processes and contamination of environments and terrains where these objects are able to generate particular resonances: social networks, financial markets, patents, electromagnetic spectrum.

Track: Arts et Sciences
Language: Français