"Intangible Hacks: Adventures in Learning and Modding the Theremin"

Xiao Xiao (MIT Medialab)

Description: Hacking isn’t just about hardware and software projects. It is a mentality of self-guided learning and creating that can be applied to explorations in any domain. This talk focuses the “hacking mentality” in the context of the theremin, the very first electronic instrument and the only instrument played without physical touch by the Russian physicist Lev Theremin in 1919. Due to its lack of physical feedback, it is considered notoriously difficult, and very little documentation exists to guide new players. I started teaching myself how to play the theremin a year ago, and I will share some principles of the “hacking mentality” that has guided me in my learning. For each principle, I will demonstrate an example from my own theremin learning and draw parallels with ways of thinking in traditional hacking. Additionally, I will also share some hardware/software projects I have begun to extend the capabilities of the instrument.

Track: Arts et Sciences Ouvertes
Language: Anglais